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Newcastle Rockers Bosola return with new single 'Truth Man'!

Blending influences from retro indie greats such as The La's with a more modern cutting edge, Newcastle's Bosola create high energy stompers filled with gritty Rock tones and smooth vocal melodies.

Their new single ‘Truth Man' is a song about living a lie. Written as a reflection on a younger version of himself the song takes on biblical and then revolutionary inflections on moral relativism and relational machiavellianism. This internal struggle can be felt by the constant changing nature of the instrumentals. Some sections have a rolling rhythm and ooze with a classic jangly Indie feel whereas other moments are more angsty and awkward, taking notes from modern Post-Punk acts.

The chorus has a supremely warm and uplifting feel to it yet the thematic lyricism and darker, rumbling rock tones provide a more melancholic poignancy once you scratch the surface. This is a great blend of hope and dismay in sonic form with a wonderfully vintage chorus.


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