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Miesha and the Spanks release powerful new album 'Unconditional Love In Hi-fi'

For the past few years, we’ve witnessed the rise of the Indie singer-songwriters Miesha and the Spanks who are two-handedly bringing Garage Rock back!

The energetic duo in true Canadian style are reviving the raw and spirited style of 60’s Garage Punk! Their new album ‘Unconditional Love In Hi-Fi’ was recorded over one year in three studios across two continents with Apple music and Canadian Campus charts showing the band some love.

The stand out song from the album is titled ‘So mad’ and touches on the loss of autonomy women have consistently experienced with their bodies, especially with recent law changes in some American states regarding abortion rights and the pro-life debate. Miesha’s feelings about the topic are very clearly stated in the song- she’s “so mad!” .

The song reminds you of a track you’d hear in a Lindsay Lohan circa 2007 movie- and it has a really important message- your body, your choice!

‘I can’t wait’ and the final song ‘I was gonna’ are other gems on the album that feel electric. You’ll unknowingly find yourself aggressively rocking your head back and forth.

The duo has also recently collaborated with Apple music for some stripped back sessions covering ‘I wanna be your dog’ by The Stooges and their own track ‘Heart is on fire’. The dynamic pair are set on staying true to themselves and bringing their unfiltered brand of Rock back, one angsty strum at a time.


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