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Merseyside songwriter Ollie Felton releases breezy debut single 'Bear With Me'!

After gathering attention off the back of his regular pub and open mic appearances, Wirral-based songwriter Ollie Felton has recently arrived with his debut single ‘Bear with Me’. The track is filled with both romance and lament as well as plenty of vocal flair. Ollie’s vocal style has a distinctively Merseyside twang to it with its big, drawn out vocal lines that can be warm and soothing when they need to be and radiate a soaring angst in the bigger moments.

In fact, the whole track has an undeniably Merseyside air to it. The breezy coastal tones and Folk influence ring of The Coral and The La’s, combining a true storytelling quality with soothing, laid-back melodies and a very organic feel. Later in the track some moments of beautifully rich instrumentation inject a depth into the sonic texture as big drum stabs and a wonderfully playful and sharp guitar line combine to produce some more energetic moments.

The track is a fantastic debut that showcases both Ollie’s adept lyricism and vocal prowess and proves why he’s been gaining so much attention for his live performances.

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Sep 06, 2023

Great video

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