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Meet the quirky Art Punk outfit Buddy Wynkoop!

Buddy Wynkoop is a 4-piece Art Punk outfit that claim to combine "a barrage of spoken word existentialism, shout-sung melodies, a unique approach to structure, and old-school Rock 'n' Roll aesthetics".

The angular tones and overlapping rhythms are instantly striking on their latest single 'Relatable'. They ring of modern Post-Punk UK acts such as Youth Sector, Home Counties and Yard Act. The percussion is thick and energetic while constant electronic notes pepper the sound and create a vibrant, flavoursome atmosphere. In contrast, the vocals are delivered in an intentionally straight faced, monotoned style, with multiple vocal layers creating the effect that the whole band are singing as one, operating as a mechanical sonic unit. The vibe is strange, abstract and yet hugely appealing. You never quite know where to focus your attention as it is always being diverting in every direction.

This strange atmosphere is then replaced by a more Punky angst in the later stages as they gain momentum and barrel into a more aggressive version of the same hypnotic refrains. Any fans of the new Post-Punk wave in the UK will love these guys!


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