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Marrie Naffah releases empowering new single ‘Loving You (Tenderly)'!

The warmth that instantly radiates from Marrie Naffah’s latest single ‘Loving You (Tenderly)’ wraps you up on a rich sonic swell that is both soothing and empowering. This warmth is largely due to the depth and resonance of her Folk Rock vocal style that draws breath from the inner depths of her body to produce wonderfully full and weighty vocal lines.

The verses have a cool, moody atmosphere that rolls with a steady beat while drawing you into Marrie’s lyrics, filled with heart and poignancy. Yet, it is the expressive chorus that really stays with you. As her voice soars it becomes even more impactful, reaching notes with a guttural power, timing of Florence and The Machine in places. Backing harmonies add a touch of finesse and completely fill out the dramatic backdrop. 

A vibrant web of strings also adds to this drama, bringing a cinematic edge that provides a brightness to contrast the darker rumble of the guitars.

This is a tonal, textural and melodic joy that we can’t get enough of!  


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