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Manchester Indie Pop duo, sleepyhead, build up to debut album with new single 'Hoax'

Indie Pop duo sleepyhead is back for the second time this year with their latest release of two new singles. The Manchester pair have been writing, mixing, and releasing their music together since their university days. While in university, they were writing consistently and were gaining inspiration from different cities around the globe. The moment Seb Reid (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Matt Davies (supporting vocals and lead guitar) graduated university, they began releasing music under the moniker ‘sleepyhead’. In 2019 they released their first EP titled ‘Night Songs’ which caught the attention of Landr who named them as “rising artists”.

Their most recent 2022 release features the title song ‘Hoax’ and a second single titled ‘In Nature’. ‘Hoax’ is reminiscent of an angsty 2000s Pop Rock record in both its lyrics and sound. Looping guitar chords mix with a heavy hitting drum beat which perfectly intertwine with melancholic lyrics. 'Hoax' is most definitely a moody anthem, and its release is perfect for the fast-approaching fall season. In contrast, ‘In Nature’ is more upbeat in its production but keeps a similar melancholy undertone within its lyrics. After listening to sleepyhead’s new tracks, it’s clear that their next EP will maintain their strong Indie Pop persona while implementing different genres to support their overall tone and style. The pair are currently working on the creation of a 12-track album that they hope to release by the end of this year.


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