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Madge and Portugal. The Man team up on infectious new Indie Pop single 'TALL GRASS'!

Madge and Portugal. The Man have blessed the Indie world by teaming up on their new brash, singalong anthem 'TALL GRASS'. Swagger, emotion and infectious melodies are in abundance here as they combine forces in seamless style, matching up their beautiful vocal blends, punchy instrumentals and slick, pop flows.

Madge’s confidence and bold attitude is audible in the verses as she spits out her lyrics like she’s been sucking on a sour sweet! Meanwhile, a powerful Indie rhythm is keeping the energy high at all times around her. It’s a wonderfully inviting and dance-worthy sound yet the chorus is what really sticks with you!

Layered vocal lines combine to create a sound that is so full and fun that you can’t help but be absorbed by it. The melodies are instant winners and the bittersweet tones create a poignant coming of age atmosphere that gives the song depth!

Indie crossovers don’t come much better than this!!


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