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Lost In Vancouver return with anthemic Indie single 'Out The Blue'!

Blending the summer-ready, soaring Indie chorus' of Catfish and The Bottlemen with their owner, heavier, anthemic edge, Lost In Vancouver have been honing their craft for the best part of a decade in the Indie scene. Having gone a little quiet in recent years, the Scottish quartet have returned in style with their new single 'Out The Blue'.

The track instantly bursts open with a Strokes esc riff that is played with a great intensity and moshpit inducing excitement. This opening sets the tone for the rest of the track by immediately highlighting their talents but also hinting that the song is going to be bursting with energy from start to finish.

The verses pair a rolling tom beat that provides a warming rhythm underneath the poignant lyrical sentiments before jumping into the infectious chorus once again. This chorus has all the passion, sonic density and inescapable melody you could ask for and makes it truly memorable. It's already set to be one of the indie anthems of 2024.

We just hope there's more to come from them this year!


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