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London Folk Pop songwriter releases new single Francesca Guerra!

There is a natural warmth to the new single from London songwriter Francesca Guerra that instantly soothes you, drawing you into her sonic world.

The track, 'Flight Risk' hints at lost love and self reflection, begins with a deep, rolling acoustic tone that brings this warm and rich sound, allowing Francesca's vocals to shine at the forefront of the sound. These vocals are supremely smooth with a thoughtful, emotive edge.

However, the instrumentation grows as the song goes on as. Subtle percussion enters the fray at first, raising the energy and indicating something bigger to come. Then, a full bodied, punchy drum beat injects a real impetus and energy.

The vocals feels nostalgic, blending silky harmonies with thoughtful contemplation with slight hints of 90s Pop Punk as well as modern Folk and Pop. The lyrical sentiments and vocal approach sound reminiscent of Olivia Rodrigo, yet with a more earthy, wholesome tone.

The finale then arrives, bringing a fun, euphoric ending to a very thoughtful track. With the vocal finesse of Pop's finest and the more natural depth of Folk contemporaries, Francesca Guerra is a songwriter to keep an eye on!


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