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London-based songwriter Sophia Alexa breathes cosy Indie Pop melodies on new single 'Hall Pass'!

Half American, half German, London-based songwriter Sophia Alexa is quickly becoming one of the most promising new Female Indie artists with her fine balance between blissful textures and upbeat energy.

Her 2022 single 'Hit and Run' was one of our favourites of the year and instantly made us fall in love with her sound! The slick vocal sounds and bedroom pop atmosphere of her latest track are initially low key, yet the punchy electro drum beat provides an early hint of what is to come. Although the lyrics of isolation and introspection are pretty melancholic there is still a feel-good rhythm running throughout and this really comes to show in the chorus. It contrasts emotive lyrical content with a carefree energy that is perfect for forgetting all your worries on late night drives.

Her latest release 'Hall Pass' is a softer and more emotive ballad, yet it still breathes with catchy Indie Pop sentiments that will pick you out of your emotional well and make you want to sing your heart out. It initially opens with beautifully cosy acoustics strums and the soothing earthy tones of Sophia's vocals. Yet, as it progresses the sound is bolstered by a solid drum rhythm, electronic guitar lines and swooping backing vocals that really elevate the impact of the melodies. It rings of First Aid Kit and The Big Moon thanks to these powerfully layered female vocal lines that are super slick and will stick with you long after the track has finished.

There is a meaningful, heartwarming roadtrip esc feel to the song that makes you feel a little bit more whole after listening and is another testament to Sophia's songwriting abilities.


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