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Liverpool's Indie Pop quartet Blondes return with three new singles!

Currently leading the charge in Liverpool’s never-fading Indie Pop scene are Blondes. Known for their smooth sunshine melodies and feel-good, singalong chorus’ the quartet are taking after fellow scousers SPINN and The Night Café and becoming the go-to band who guarantee sophisticated songwriting and catchy hooks with every release.

Liverpool Indie Pop band Blondes
Blondes release three new singles

They are gearing up for their new EP just in time for summer and the music we’ve heard from it so far sounds perfectly suited to a sunny road trip! ‘The Basement’ initially plays off a funky bass riff, flavouring the backdrop with layers of gentle jangly guitar lines that wind and weave to create a blissful soundscape. It then picks up intensity with a pounding floor-Tom drum rhythm before plunging into a rolling Indie chorus led by the infectious vocal refrain and backed by a coastal riff and energetic percussive backing. This chorus radiates such a nostalgic, feel-good energy that you’ll find yourself feeling like you’re in and indie film montage.

‘Love in the Afternoon’ has a slightly grittier guitar tone that infused the track with its more melancholic attitude, reinforced by the lyrics “All my life I spent inside just feeling blue. Wake me up and pull me out this dream”. The big chords are poignant and the swirling instrumentation is immersive as the sound perfectly reflects the track’s story of unexpected young love saving someone from their depressive state.

Their next single ‘Beautiful World’ arrives on May 18th and thematically, it lies someone where in between the previous two tracks. It has a swooping melancholia led by the drifting vocal melodies that are somewhat haunting yet the jangly guitars return to create that free-spirited, floating feeling. It is as if this track is acknowledging the good times but just wishing they would return quicker as they are slipping further out of reach.

This fantastic three track selection from one of the country’s most promising new indie offerings showcases their emotive range and sets them up for a huge summer!

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