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  • Jamie Griffiths

Liverpool Rock outfit Centerfold release new single 'Changing World'!

Hailing from Liverpool, Modern Rock band Centerfold have released their new single 'Changing World'. Having played iconic venues such as The Zanzibar and The Jacaranda, the band have brought back crunchy traditional guitar riffs to create their awesome new single. This marks their second single after the success of their first release 'Rewrite Your Time' that arrived in September.  

Photo Credit: Dylan Cox

The track starts off with a strong, catchy drum beat to introduce the song with the overall tone of the lyrics perfectly underpinned by melancholic, ominous riffs throughout. Josh Stevenson kicks off the track with a raspy vocal style reminiscent of early Grunge, launching into the catchy chorus with heavily distorted guitar and energetic drumming. The power of the vocals cut through starting off with “what you see is true destruction”, demonstrating full range in the track. 

The pace of the song slows down towards the end by playing an ascending guitar lick, isolating it from the wall of sound. This is short lived as it returns to the energetic headbanging chorus that really makes this track tick!

Catch their next headline at The Shipping Forecast - tickets available here!


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