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Liverpool Indie outfit Keyside return with new single 'Angeline'!

Liverpool has long been a hotbed for creativity and innovation and Liverpool Indie outfit Keyside are keeping that trend going. The band have returned to excite the Indie scene with their newest release ‘Angeline’, following on from breakthrough debut tracks ‘Lights out’ and ‘Paris to Marseilles’. On the back of a recent signing with record label Modern Sky UK, this year has seen the band's continued success and exposure through mediums such as BBC introducing, performing at the Isle of Wight Festival and performances across various local venues.

With an upbeat rhythm and beachy sound reminiscent of ‘Circa Waves’, this latest track is ebbing with a euphonious melody and jangly hook. Vocally, Keyside put on an impressive performance, most notably during the chorus in which the lead singer exudes charisma and confidence, effortlessly riding the song’s infectious tune. The lyrical themes of the song juxtapose the twangy guitar riffs and airy bass lines with a melancholy narrative about ‘Angeline’, a woman struggling to cope with the pressures of everyday life.

While Keyside may not be a household name yet, their music is making waves in the Liverpool music scene and for good reason: they’ve created a sound that embodies the essence of British Indie music while also offering a modern freshness. If you’re in search of a musical pick-me-up or simply looking for a track to add to your Indie playlist, ‘Angeline’ is a perfect addition.


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