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Liverpool Alternative outfit TRIPWIRE release powerful new single 'Time To Wake Up'!

Fuzzy Liverpool-based Alt Rock outfit TRIPWIRE have returned with their latest single 'Time To Wake Up', a song that caught us by surprise a little as it shows a whole new, more delicate and vulnerable side to them.

They are known for their raw power and anthemic walls of sound, now, don't get us wrong, these are more than present in the new single. However, the verses see a stripped back sound, filled with rim shots and a dreamy Grunge guitar line that floats dreamily around the track. The vocals, too, have a heartfelt intimacy and high pitched delivery that creates a more emotive and considered approach.

These verses really draw the listener into the depths of the song, meaning that when the heavy, soaring chorus kicks in, you become completely absorbed by the Rock power.

A demonstration of emotive range and mature arrangements as well as a proper head banging chorus make for a fantastic demonstration of all things good about TRIPWIRE. The harsh energy of the finale leaves a lasting imprint of their trademark force but the whole song showcases many different sides to the powerful newcomers. 


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