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Limón Limón - Frozen Lemonade

The sun is well and truly hitting us again, and we have some great tracks to share with you that are perfect for the summer get-togethers. The first of which comes from LA’s Limón Limón.

The new Indie duo sell themselves on their fresh perspective on those feel good west coast vibes. With their expressive live instruments, inventive lyrics and layered vintage synths they create an upbeat sound that is both simplistic in its appeal yet subtly complex in its construction.

Their new single Frozen Lemonade is your next poolside chill tune. Although lyrically a cynical reflection of summer love, the track turns negative experiences into a blissful remedy that blows any bad memories out of the water. The chorus floods you with every feeling of summertime you could think of and plants you straight under the holiday sun with a cold drink in hand.

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