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Leeds Indie outfit L’Objectif return with new single 'ITSA'!

An exciting eruption of youth in the modern indie scene, L’Objectif are barely out of their teens and are already confidently crafting an image based on abstract art and similarly obscured music.

Their newest single, ‘ITSA’, straddles puckish Alt Rock and raucous heartland Rock in a package tied together by glistening synths of the glorious mid-’80s Springsteen variety. The guitars crackle with the right amount of bite, cloaked by spiralling arpeggiators, conjuring up a feeling of blissful nostalgia. Sax stabs punctuate this reverie of reminiscence, their inclusion thankfully veering away from ironic cheese; instead, honing in on a milky, euphoric tone that elevates the shrouded surroundings into an ecstatic state.

Lyrically, the track plunders well-worn themes of “angel[s]” and “sin”, but in the context of the scintillating shimmer beneath it, it’s difficult to not get swept up in the passion and heart-on-your-sleeve revelry. Plus, some lines display a promising witticism (“got an angel on both shoulders / or is it just how they’re dressed?”) that could lead to further flourishes in the future.

It’s hard to dislike the overwhelming infectiousness of this song: an auspicious set-up, perhaps, for even bigger things soon to come.


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