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Leeds Garage Rock outfit Eades return with new single 'Fade Away'!

Leeds-based Garage Rock / Indie outfit Eades have been one of our very favourite acts for a good while now. Their debut album oozed with an insatiable group energy, supercharged instrumental sections with an artistic flair and a singalong vocal lines that demand to be sang back. So, we were beyond excited when they returned with their new single ‘Fade Away’

The track is led by a rumbling bass line that drives the song forward with force, building a tension the hooks you in. The vocals have a cool calmness to them, even in the chorus they remain relatively reserved, just plucking at your melodic radar with understated and understated delivery that is hypnotic, growing catchier each time you hear it.

The vibrant twang of the guitars becomes increasingly present, injecting a vibrancy into the tension-filled sound. In couldn’t be Eades without a moment for them to have some artistic experimentation and it comes just before the 2 minute mark as the guitar lines become playful, intertwining with flavour and crunch before the final build up.

This is just what we have been waiting for from Eades and we can’t wait to see what else is to come. 


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