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Last Dinosaurs tease new sound with latest single 'N.P.D'!

Few bands can boast mainstream relevancy surpassing a decade, with Last Dinosaurs being an exception to the rule. Hailing from Brisbane, their debut album, ‘In A Million Years’, arrived in 2012. 12 years later, Last Dinosaurs sound as fresh and engaging as they did in the infancy of their career. 

Boasting a futuristic aesthetic, the latest addition to Last Dinosaurs’ discography comes in the form of ‘N.P.D’, a standalone single that tips its hat to the past whilst simultaneously having one foot rooted in the band’s new era. 

The first half of ‘N.P.D’ is a sugar-sweet Surf Rock medley synonymous with Last Dinosaurs. Packed with playful guitar riffs and reverb soaked synths, the opening act of ‘N.P.D’ plays out an enjoyable albeit predictable hand. At the midway mark, the song takes an unsuspecting twist.

The summery vocals are drowned out by an eerie soundscape, featuring the distant voice of a child in the mix. The energy shift is compounded by frontman Sean Caskey’s closing refrains; “I don’t want to live forever… I just want to paint a decent picture".

An act of two halves, ‘N.P.D’ is proof that an old dog can learn new tricks. Eluding to an imminent departure from their Indie Rock roots, ‘N.P.D’ points Last Dinosaurs in a promising new sonic direction.


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