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Kurran Karbal gears up for debut album with explorative double-track release 'Time / All's Fair'!

Following a transformative journey to India in search of personal healing and spiritual growth, Birkenhead-based songwriter Kurran Karbal has returned home and is gearing up for his debut solo album. His recent double-track release ‘Time / All’s Fair’ has provided an exciting teaser for what the album entails.

Kurran’s music has always defied genre constraints, pulling on a wide range of sonic styles with an aesthetic love for the spiritual and the psychedelic. However, this two track pairing offers some of his most explorative sounds to date.

The first track, ‘Time’ is a bubbling synth groove built up with funky bass lines and drum rhythms that allow Kurran’s more silky vocal lines to float on top of. Lyrical contemplations of the afterlife sit right next to frustrations of not being able to find money or time, creating this really interesting connection between the spiritual and the grounded.

Musically, the song has a really hypnotic flow with a vibrant and eclectic instrumentation filled with dense pulses and more playful, spaced-out synth textures. These niche choices of tone give the song a unique charm and convey Kurran’s worldly personality.

The second track ‘All’s Fair’ is a more stripped-back, intimate lullaby that sees Kurran hum beautifully soothing lyrics with a delicate poignancy. The atmosphere is floating, the melodies are bittersweet and the overall energy is hypnotic. As psychedelic swirls of electronic notes, tranquil keyboard chords and echoed brass lines enter the fray you become completely entranced with the trippy atmosphere.

The groove then picks up as the drums come in and lovely backing harmonies fill out the sound. By the end, you are completely enthralled, letting the hypnotic sound wash over you, slipping you into a warming sunshine haze. 

Two fantastically alluring tracks that have got us really excited for what is to come in the album!


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