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Kill Electric return with two powerful singles 'Machines' and 'Crimes'!

Canadian/British Indie Rock outfit Kill Electric have become renowned for their high energy live shows. Now, their new singles capture this energy and showcase the very best of what they have to offer.

'Machines' bursts open with an instantly catchy mid-00s Indie riff, yet this makes way for a deep, bass-led groove with a drama and swagger more associated with New Wave / Post Punk or performative Indie acts like Spector. The resonant vocal delivery creates a tension that is just waiting to lift off... and lift off it does. The soaring chorus melody has a slightly dark, Grunge undertone as well as the leading catchy Indie flow. This blend makes it super memorable and instantly appealing.

'Crimes' carries forward this darker energy into a poignant Rock ballad oozing with melancholic swagger. Sonic tension is abundant again before diving into a dramatic, swooping chorus filled with tangled guitar lines that offer a hypnotic melody. The latter stages are extremely atmospheric as eery backing vocals drift across the walls of the song. This wonderfully immersive, dark atmosphere makes the catchy melodies pop even more in contrast to their surroundings! Two beautifully crafted tracks.


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