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Joan & The Giants release new single 'BEG' that is filled with soothing, silky melodies!

The new release 'BEG' from dreamy indie quartet Joan & The Giants is one of the most silky singles we’ve heard this year! From the very first moments you feel entranced in their lucid, sonic dreamland with mellow grunge chords and brighter xylophone chimes echoing loosely, forming a very rich and welcoming bed of sound. Joan’s vocals match this energy, delivering her lines with a smooth yet powerful finesse that is immediately captivating as well as poignant as the lamenting lyrics stir plenty of early emotions.

The chorus has a steady rhythm that really drives home each percussive hit and adds a punchy emphasis to the passionate vocal lines that “beg” to be sung back in a live setting!

The fuzzy guitar tones blend wonderfully with more soothing synth sounds in the background to perpetuate the ongoing balance of darkness and melancholia vs brightness and hope that rings throughout the song.

A really powerful, swooping indie anthem that will get you all in your feels and having you singing your heart out in your bedroom on a rainy Sunday. This Aussie quartet are definitely one of our favourite breakthrough acts of the year.


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