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One of our favourite newcomers from the Canadian Indie scene is the nostalgia-tinged solo songwriter JEEN. Her debut album 'Gold Control' radiates a feel-good, coming-of-age energy making it a perfect summer soundtrack yet there is also a technical and emotive depth that makes it stand out.

'Just Shadows' is an early hit on the record, using these vintage tones and wonderfully fuzzy drum textures combined with her slack-jawed, angsty melodies to create a sound that is undeniably catchy. The track is created with melodic finesse in mind yet but it is dipped in a scrappy Garage Rock energy that injects the catchy sound with intensity and grit giving it that lovely added bite to get everyone moshing. This would be a perfect song for a packed out live setting so keep your eyes peeled for any live date announcements.

'So What' is another highlight, using a thumping, rolling drum rhythm and soaring chorus to enthral you in a spiralling Indie-Pop whirlwind. The tones of this track really give it a punch, the drums are crunch and the guitars are constantly adding subtle flairs into the mix. However, what really makes it stick with you is the wonderful layered vocals, there's echo after echo that all tangle together to form a web of vocal melodies that become really hypnotic.

'Poor Your Heart' offers something slightly different to what we're used to with JEEN but a sound that we still love. It is a more atmospheric, grungey sound that mixes cinematic, Lana Del Rey esc vocals with a dark melancholic sound that will have your mind floating in a melodic Grunge haze.

Overall it is a fantastic debut that shows just why she is one of Canada's most exciting new exports.


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