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  • Charlie Prosser

Issy Sutcliffe breathes a vintage Rock swagger on new single 'Drugs Can't Fix Me'!

Chugging along like a freight train, full of 90s Britpop nostalgia and powerful lyrics the new track ‘Drugs can’t fix me’ from up and coming heroine Issy Sutcliffe. The new track from Issy Sutcliffe is reminiscent of the powerful oasis songs of the mid 90s which changed a generation of music lovers and players alike.

A raw and gritty production serves this song perfectly given the subject matter and the passion of the artist, this, paired with a massive amount of swagger from Issy, which is a welcome trait as it can be somewhat lacking in the modern Indie landscape, combines to make an anthem ice banger which feels like a start to a great career in music. Issy has a great voice which adds a brilliant melodic drone to the lyrics whilst also maintaining an ability to reach all corners of the melodic scale needed.

Furthermore, This is a deeply personal song which puts a lot of the artist in the song allowing the listener to connect with the track; with mental health issues rightly being at the forefront of everyone’s concerns post Covid this is a story which needs to be shared. The distorted guitars add a dirty sound to the gritty lyrics with full compliments of of some classic rock drumming and a driving bass line with doubled up vocals in parts to give this song a really full sound.

This song is a great example of why music needs more female artists brought to the forefront, especially in rock and indie. A new female star is what the genre is crying out for and maybe Issy is the one to bring rock and roll into the modern era like Janis Joplin, Joan Jett and Dolores o’riordan have done before her.


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