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Introducing Xposure Music, the best way to receive feedback on your music from industry experts!

When first starting out in the music industry you can feel quite lost and on your own as an artist. You often hear stories of artists with good industry connections seemingly getting their careers fast-tracked. However, this is not just a case of these artists being offered opportunities because of their connections, it is also because they are surrounded by experienced mentors who can provide guidance on how to refine their sound, market their music and the best methods of approaching record labels, managers and live promoters. Yet, not everyone has these fortunate connections within the industry to help you make your first moves. This is where Xposure Music comes in.

Xposure Music is an online platform that connects artists to real-life mentors from all corners of the music industry who can offer feedback on your music and offer invaluable industry insights to help you progress your career. They have mentors from major music businesses including Genius, Universal, Atlantic Records and Sony Music spanning across the worlds of A&R, songwriting, marketing and production so whatever your areas of weakness, they have people on hand to guide you through your musical journey.

All you need to do is create an account, sign up & setup your free Xposure Music profile. Then, find which Music Pro best fit your needs and pick a Feedback Type. The Music Pros offer video, audio & written feedback or 1:1 video calls. Next, you send your music , personalise your request and get guaranteed, actionable feedback that will help you grow your career and skills.


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