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Introducing the multi-faceted, soul-jazz fusion of Valère Géron!

Valère Géron’s mesmerising debut single ‘You Don’t Want My Heart’ is a fusion of vintage and contemporary elements. Scattered with harmonies, acapella, flute melodies and xylophone, the song is a dark-edged dance between genres with a catchy bassline for any kind of listener.

The layered vocals flit between styles. Here, possessing a Caribbean accent and a touch of Ska; there, leaning into the influence of Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley and the Beach Boys. Folk, Jazz and Soul add unique dimensions to the song and despite being notoriously difficult to categorise, ‘You Don’t Want My Heart’ is no less encapsulating for its versatility.

These diverse techniques melt together into a melodic performance with a measured but lively rhythm. Despite its upbeat tone, the narrative-driven lyrics tell a darker tale about a passionate but troubled relationship reaching its inevitable termination. It is a dizzying, hypnotic dance into disaster, but one which you won’t be able to resist!


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