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International Women's Day: Discover 10 of the most exciting new female artists!

It's International Women's Day! What better time to showcase some of our favourite female-led acts that are set to have a huge 2024!

Picture Parlour

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting new acts in the UK, Picture Parlour create a sound oozing with drama. Their latest, theatrical anthem 'Judgement Day' breathes a granduer matched by few others with The Last Shadow Puppets and The Last Dinner Party being the only two that come close on first thought.

The winding guitar lines have a sun-dripped, velvety tone while the Boroque-Pop swing instantly casts a spell on you, injecting you with a newfound confidence, empowering you to get up on both feet, stand up to those who've wronged you, confess your love to those which your heart desires and, most of all, sing your lungs out while thrusting your body around the room imagining you are on stage at The Ritz!

The lyrics have an Alex Turner esc poeticism and are delivered with a wonderfully punchy bite while the instrumentals create a sonic spectacle that builds and builds, making the track just as dramatic as its namesake. These guys only have two tracks to their name but the majority of industry tastemakers have already nailed their colours to the mast, banking on these guys being the next big thing!

Sailor Honyemoon

Hailing from South Korea, angsty newcomers Sailor Honeymoon have blown away UK tastemakers with their gritty explosion of bottled up unrest in their new single 'Bad Apple'. This has earned them spots at The Great Escape and Focus Wales later in the year.

The soft yet menacing female vocals feel as though they are whispering your goodbyes, filled with so much anger yet delivered with a calm finesse. When combined with the dense, Electro-Rock guitar lines and pumping drum rhythm they ring of UK acts like Shelf Lives.

The early stages have quite a spaced out atmosphere thanks to the echoed effect on some of the vocal lines. Yet, the song becomes increasingly direct and punchy as it goes on, particularly when the multiple vocals team up to deliver in-your-face shouts of "There's the door", followed by a wonderfully harsh and fuzzy guitar solo.

The finale is thumping, filled with distortion, Punk spirit and the hypnotic chorus lines that cement themselves in your brain whether you like it or not!

Queen Cult

Ferocious Macclesfield Rock trio Queen Cult have been one of our favourite, high octane newcomers for a while now, having impressed us with their debut EP and playing a killer headline set at our live showcase last year. Since that show they have continued their sonic trajectory, going from strength to strength and becoming increasingly menacing and uncompromising along the way!

This development has culminated in the anthemic new single ‘Be Better’ which sees them at their most viscous to date. The moment the pounding drums kick in you know that this track is going to have a HUGE impact and it does not disappoint. The riff has a dirty edge to it, providing a gritty tone and gravelly texture to the track.

The intro is bursting full of tension and when the rising background scream of kiss ass front woman Maisie Johnson begins to hit this tension reaches boiling point before exploding into a frantic Rock cacophony.

The intensity and devilish tones hint of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes while the beautifully warm vocal style that is dark yet melodic rings of The Mysterines, Crawlers and fellow newcomers VENUS GRRRLS.

A trio that have always packed a punch, Queen Cult have stepped it up a level and are taking no prisoners on this visceral Rock stomper!

Girl Group

If you haven't heard of Liverpool's latest femme collective, Girl Group, you will do soon. Armed with a uniquely tight knit chemistry, a wide range of influences and an array of versatile vocal talents, they are taking the city by storm.

Photo Credit: Aneela Siddiqui

Having formed in LIPA, they have formed a sonic girlhood to combine their eclectic tastes into an Alternative / Indie sound flooded with socially conscious lyricism and layered vocal textures.

We spoke with them about their formation, the power of community, their unique songwriting approaches and their latest single 'Lil's Room' in an interview you can read here.

Megan Wyn

Welsh-born songwriter Megan Wyn has been writing and releasing music for a good few years now, however, her recent rebrand has breathed a fresh lease of life into her solo career and she has never looked more confident and mature in her songwriting. After cleansing her streaming platforms, Megan has returned rejuvenated and armed with a new slew of captivating singles.

Things kicked off with ‘You Don’t Get It’, an instantly captivating Indie-Folk track that grows on you every time you listen. The cosy, guitar tones immediately radiate a soothing, meaningful feel to the song while Megan’s vocals carry a warming quality that perfectly suits the lament of the lyrics.

'Familiar Faces' followed up with a sound that was equally hypnotic with an insanely catchy chorus that will stick with you! What instantly strikes you is the richness of Megan's vocals that carry a depth and poignancy that is hard to come by. Most recently, 'Are You Bored Yet?' completed her trio of new releases with a slightly brighter and jaunty sound. The swooping finesse of her voice makes such a simple line land with a tremendous weight and impact. Another infectious chorus that is subtle in its melody but with a hypnotic tone that makes you want to listen again and again! We spoke with Megan about her musical refresh, the new single and the nuances of songwriting. 


Bedroom Pop songwriter SOMOH has been releasing hit after hit in the past 12 months with a slew of singles that have never failed to land!

Her music blends introspective vocal contemplations, thoughtful lyrical sentiments & fuzzy Indie melodies. The latest single ‘Problem Child’ has a moody groove to it that lures your attention in, casting a melancholic glow over the track as she reflects on her self critique’s and “staying silent”

The vocal flow is a smooth one, working in tandem with the drums to create a slick rhythm that has a more inventive twist than your average Indie single.

The highlight of the song really comes in the chorus though as the vocals become layered, really emphasising the power and emotion of her vocals. Meanwhile, a grittier guitar tone floods the soundscape, filling it with angst and energy. Her vocal style remains gentle yet the production and instrumentals elevate it to become much punchier while remaining supremely melodic.

Another winner from one of the most exciting new songwriting talents.

Philine Sonny

Philine Sonny has quickly become one of Europe's most exciting Indie Pop acts. First starting with a more intimate sound that showcased her vocal prowess, her style has grown into a confident, swagger-filled expression of youthful dilemmas and self reflection.

Her new EP 'Invader' has made a clear statement, full of Indie bangers as well as moments of quiet intimacy. 'Drugs' and 'In Denial' are staright up hits, oozing with the quirky confidence of Wet Leg and the warm, flowing melodies of Sam Fender. The 'Stranger In Your Living Room' demo provides a more angelic, textural sound that hints at her earliest work. The floating atmospherics are entrancing, drawing you into the emotive depths of her vocals. It acts as a beautiful breather that sheds a light on the richness of her vocal talents.

'Take A While' brings a slick groove to the EP before rising into a soaring chorus filled with majesty and 'Lovely' sees Philine take to the piano for a heartfelt finale. You can really get a sense of all aspects of her appeal on this EP! So dig in and discover one of the best new European acts out there!

Lizzie Esau

Newcastle’s Lizzie Esau is an Indie dream and she’s taking the UK by storm. She matches clever lyrical conceits with breezy melodies that will have you singing along in no time. Her smooth yet powerful vocal style has a slick command and adds a beautiful finesse to her punchy bangers, the latest of which being 'Impossible + Strange'.

This new single is perhaps her most mature and well crafted track to date, showcasing. Opening as an acoustic performance, highlighting the haunting beauty of Lizzie's vocals, deep piano chords and a suspenseful electronic hum enter the fray, hinting and the darker undertones of the track.

The song then bursts open into the anthemic chorus! The catchy vocal harmonies have an angelic yet eery quality while the drums have a power that turns the track into a mosh pit worthy experience.

What works so well in this track is the switch up between acoustic and electric guitar lines. The biggest moments have a thick Rock riff in them while the acoustic sound often returns in the pre-chorus to lull you into a false sense of security before exploding once again.

There's equal parts angst, heartache, anger and euphoria in this track. Any fans of HotWax, Wolf Alice or Black Honey will love this track!


Tummyache is the moniker of songwriter/producer Soren Bryce, chosen to reflect what of he key side effects of her anxiety, yet, that name also reflects the audible internal dilemmas and abrasive churning of their music. Their 2022 debut album SOAK was unfiltered and in-your-face, full of menacing Grunge melancholia and onslaughts of angsty Punk aggression. The title track was a hypnotic track that showcased Soren's songwriting talents and eerily soothing vocal palette which was a stark contrast from the expressive style she had showed on songs like 'DIY!!'.

Now, tummyache are back with a brand new single 'Safe Word' and if this is anything to go by, album two is going to be a cracker! Soren's vocals fall wonderfully in between those two aforementioned styles, packing the swagger and angst of 'DIY!!' with lovely tumbling melodies and a varied range more akin to 'SOAK'.

The instrumentals have a fuzzy, stomping quality that combines the electro-Rock sounds of acts like Shelf Lives with the raw texture of Courtney Barnett's harshest songs. It is an inescapable ball of Garage Rock energy that makes you desperate to head out to a sweaty basement show at once. The guitars are electrifying, toned out to the max and the intensity never relents! We can't wait for their sophomore record 'Egosystem' which is out May 10th.


"Spitting out all of my doubt, spitting out all of my doubt" are words that have been ringing around our minds this year! These are words from the angsty stomper from HotWax, 'High Tea', a track that you just can't ignore. In fact, the whole of their 'Invite Me, Kindly' EP slaps you round the face and makes you listen up to their fiery brand of Rock.

There's moments of Femme-Punk ferocity, sections that ring of modern Alternative newcomers like English Teacher and a Post-Punk / Art-Rock inventiveness that brings a vibrancy to their rhythms. The growling guitar and bass lines also have a wonderfully funky element that emphasises the swagger of their aggressive vocal attacks. We can't wait to follow the trajectory of these guys as we can guarantee it is only up and up.


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