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Infectious Indie hitmakers Sarpa Salpa return with new single 'Simple Pleasures'!

The electro-infused Indie of Northampton's Sarpa Salpa is hard not to appeal to the ears of any one craving the euphoria of live music. Their two singles from last year were perhaps the best replica of that infectious dance floor feeling that you can get on record. Now, the band are back in 2023 with two more tracks to grace your ears.

The first, 'She Never Lies' had a grittier, more Rock tinged atmosphere than most of their work and added a nice contrast in their discography. Yet, their latest release 'Simple Pleasures' sees them return to their trademark high-octane Indie Pop bursting with joyous energy. Funky disco rhythms and sharp synth melodies create an initial, dance-worthy sound that rings of The 1975. The verses are then a little more insular, shining a light on the vocal textures as the lead vocals and backing harmonies meld together to produce some super slick, clean Indie sounds.

It is the anthemic, dense electronic Indie sound of the chorus that truly lifts the track off though. Soaring vocal melodies and even more powerful synth hits create a supercharged sound that will get you jumping in an instant. Funky disco moments also flavour the tracks journey as the band showcases their vibrant array of sonic arrangement once again.


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