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Indie songwriter James Bannon releases tranquil, 90s-tinged EP 'Heat Ghosts'!

The new EP 'Heat Ghosts' from solo songwriter James Bannon transports you into a tranquil, lucid world filled with intimate sentiments and smooth soundscapes. Opening track ‘Kitchens Everywhere’ is the most serene of the six, as gentle guitar tones float around the walls of the song, creating an almost space-like feel filled with care free contemplation. The lyrics on the other hand carry a depth that will strike a chord! It is an emotive yet soothing introduction to the EP.

Subsequent track ‘Dinner Party’ has a bigger energy behind it, injecting an upbeat swing. There’s a cool combination of more natural sounding acoustics and more forceful electronic tones that create a punchy yet organic sound that rings of 90s Indie.

‘Footnote’ is perhaps the most emotive track as James’s vocals really shine through here, showing off their heartfelt tones. The instrumentation has a dense jangly that rings of 90s acts such as James but the vocal tones have a distinctively unique personal twang.

The brass elements and piano line on ‘Now You Know’ adds a vibrancy while the lyrics of nature really sum up the sentiments of the whole EP. There’s a definite folk inspired thread running through the EP that has connotations of warm, summer nature and is very wholesome.

Definitely an EP to indulge in and drift away to on a summers day, or perhaps one to make you feel warm for a brief while on a cold winters night.


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