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Indie quartet Small Talk return with euphoric single 'Lost In The Moment'!

Radiating an anthemic drama and laced in soaring synths, the new single ‘Lost In The Moment’ from Bournemouth quartet Small Talk is a beautiful slice of Indie Pop joy.

The track lays down The Killers esc electronic textures that create a poignant tension before completely immersing you in their huge Indie sound. We love it when a track’s tone matches that of the lyrical sentiment and this is one of those tracks for sure! The densely layered instrumentals all ooze with a free-spirited euphoria that will make you want to completly forgot your troubles, go out and lose yourself in the moment, dancing away to this undeniable banger.

Bands like Vistas ring to mind as the combination of slick guitar lines and synth hooks means that there’s just so much melodic interest packed into one song that you can’t help but want to dance along. Small Talk are in fine form right now and are definitely ones to watch!

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