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Indie Pop newcomer Rye Milligan releases slick new single 'She Brings The Noise'!

One of our favourite, Indie Pop newcomers is Rye Milligan. Whenever you find he’s released a new tune you can guarantee that you’re in for a funky, synth infused bop…and his latest single ‘She Brings The Noise’ is no different! 

Right from the first seconds you are greeted by a sparkling electronic rhythm and a thick bass line that will instantly get your hips swinging. The beat is big and crunchy, bringing to mine Bad Sounds or Easy Life. The verses are filled with a silky swagger as Rye delivers almost spoken word esc lyrics that talk of warm summer romance.

The chorus then lifts off, offering an infectious vocal melody and a fantastically flavoursome instrumental sound full of brass stabs and layered synth sounds. The joy and adoration spoken in the lyrics is conveyed in the fun spirited instrumentals while the smooth melodies and smug affections of a man in love cast a romantic air over the track.

Just pure Indie Pop fun that you can’t not love! 

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