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Indie newcomers The Palava release dancey new single 'Useless'!

One of our favourite Indie newcomers are the York-based quintet The Palava. They have been steadily releasing singles since 2020 however their latest release 'Useless' has really stepped things up a gear!

The track begins in peak Indie fashion, with the first minute being filled by a more stripped back sound filled with tangling guitar lines and an Indie growl that has rousing melody with a dash of heartfelt poignancy that rings of Catfish and The Bottlemen. Then, a bouncy Indie Dance drum beat kicks in and shoots the energy of the track skyward. The deep vocal lines are captivating from start to finish, filled with a perpetual melody, yet it is the chorus that really sticks with you! The tension building cymbal strokes are matched by a pounding bass drum and rolling guitar line to provide a simmering backdrop to an infectious Indie singalong before they dive back into the danceworthy beat.

In the later stages of the track, this tension packed chorus instrumentation is swapped out for a final flurry of Indie Rock euphoria as the drums come crashing down to create an anthemic backing before a final, piercing guitar solo ends the song in furious style. It's a great lasting influx of intensity and ends the track with a bang! Hopefully there's more to come soon from these guys.

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