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Indie newcomers THE MEZZ release joyous singalong single 'Bridges'!

The new single ‘Bridges’ from THE MEZZ is a wonderful slice of synth-laced indie pop that will instantly make you feel brighter and more energetic thanks to its uplifting atmosphere.

The vocal tone, funky rhythms and popping production that blends 80s tones with a modern finesse will draw comparisons to The 1975 and, indeed, the verses do offer the layers of tangled instrumental melodies and sharp vocal swagger that the manc indie giants offer however, the chorus brings something slightly different.

The background vocal calls of “oh” and “ey” may bring to mind The Lumineers and inject an anthemic, road trip style joy to the chorus while the lead vocals provide an infectious singalong melody with a soaring delivery.

The beauty of this track is that it is packed with bright melodic interest from start to finish! It doesn’t wait for a brief catchy moment in the chorus, every single line keeps you hooked. The electro elements add a drama and the build up to the final chorus adds an extra layer of intensity that will make this song go off in the live setting!

One of our favourite new Indie singles of the year!


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