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ICEBERG talks about her honest, intimate and truly heart-wrenching new single 'Can't Forgive Me'

Having recently moved out of the busy London life to a remote cabin in Pennsylvania, singer-songwriter ICEBERG has been allowed the freedom to let her creativity flow and her recent releases certainly reflect this. In fact, 'Swim' is an open plea to be free and be able to "swim" without restraint. The sonics capture this feeling with their uplifting percussive power and mark a fantastic return following her 2021 debut single 'Noise'.

Now, her new track 'Can't Forgive Me' is more intimate and insular, as if time away from the city swell has allowed her time to reflect and write a song that is more honest than anything she has every produced. It is an emotive track, wrapped up in rich piano lines and swooning string sections. Her voice is gentle yet full of emotion and captivates your attention throughout, whether it be her subtle harmonies or her most passionate vocal lines.

Talking with us on the new single ICEBERG said:

"'Can’t Forgive Me' is about meeting someone with whom you have undeniable chemistry, but not saying anything because they’re not available. In this case, I worked with the person and had to keep seeing them at the office for two years while I felt this way which was pretty excruciating. We meet a lot of people in a lifetime but very few change us. I think the ones that do are impossible to fully let go of. And maybe that’s ok".

To have the full effect of listening to the new track for the first time, ICEBERG said in her own words that you should listen in a moment "When you can't forgive yourself for something or when you fall in love".


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