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"I suddenly felt so free to say and do whatever I wanted" - An interview W/ Chloe Moriondo

Armed with an unfiltered imagination and an unapologetic attitude, alt-pop superstar Chloe Moriondo tells an eclectic collection of surreal stories on their new album ‘SUCKERPUNCH’. Chloe is still only just 19, however they are by no means a newcomer to the music world.

In fact, they broke onto the scene back in 2018 with their debut album ‘Rabbit Hearted.’, a record full of blissful romantic musings and innocent daydreams that paint the picture of an uncorrupted and honest young songwriter. Chloe then took the next few years to mature as an artist and explore a wider range of sonic palettes which culminated in the punchier, more rebellious follow up album ‘Blood Bunny’. Now, it seems, they have descended even further into a tantalisingly twisted aesthetic world on the new record so we caught up with Chloe to see what is behind this rapid sonic evolution.

You have now released three albums in four years, have you had time to take a breather and reflect on your career so far?

So far it feels like I’m reflecting on this crazy journey every time I release in a crazier and bigger way! I think I could definitely use a bit of rest next year to really focus on what I love to do and hopefully make more stuff that I love.

What has been your biggest/most career defining moment along this journey that really made you realise how much you have achieved?

There have been many, which I’m so grateful for, but the Blood Bunny era Times Square billboard was really, really fucking cool. I also got to go to my first movie premiere recently!! How cool is that!!!!?!?!?!

How do you feel you have developed, both personally and musically since the release of your first album and how can this be seen on your new album?

With the way and amount I’ve changed, it feels like me and my first album were a very very small butterfly egg… not even a cocoon… and now my little SUCKERPUNCH and I are a still-kinda-small-but-slightly-larger BUTTERFLY!! I feel like I am ever-changing and it’s so evident in the way I look and sound for every project I release, and I like it that way! The visuals and sounds for SUCKERPUNCH are so pink and shiny and poppy. I think my previous albums have been softer and grittier in a different way.

SUCKERPUNCH is big, bold and unapologetic, what drives you to be so loud and expressive, both musically and visually? Is the boldness of the album reflective of your personal identity?

Thank you!! :’) I don’t want this to sound weird or pretentious, but I genuinely think I just can’t not be loud and expressive!! I get so bored so easily and change so often. Once I realize I really like a sound or style, regardless of how different it is from my previous, I want to go for it as hard as I can because it’s what I know I love and want in the moment. I feel really proud of SUCKERPUNCH because of how brash but also sometimes emotional it gets— because I wanted it to be!!

The lyrical content of the album is somewhat bizarre at times but it is so appealing as there is so much to unravel. What made you want to write about such unique and abstract storylines?

Thank you again!! I love to be somewhat bizarre!!! I had/have so many ideas in my head that I think I never fully fleshed out because I didn’t think I could or had the tools to. With these songs I suddenly felt so free to say and do whatever I wanted and create whatever personas I wanted to - it was fantastic and really helped me realize I can make anything. I hope it inspires others to feel that way too.

Which track from the album has your favourite storyline/lyrical content and why?

Plastic Purse is my favourite currently... It may change as I live and love the album, but here is the rundown: It’s a song about shrinking and then collecting boys. Then throwing them into a metaphorical (literal in the music video!!) purple plastic purse. Everything about it I love concept-wise, and it’s one of my favorites to perform.

Although many of the storylines are very twisted and abstract, are some of them insights into your own mind or are they completely artistic imaginings that are separate from your own life?

I think I definitely unintentionally placed some pieces from different layers of myself into some of the concept/story songs. Some songs are more emotional and upfront about being vulnerable, but others I think have underlying feelings that are deep-rooted and didn’t really show themselves until after I wrote them. I think both fame and the gorgeousness-yet-sometimes-powerlessness of girlhood as concepts are things I was really working with during this album.

When would be the perfect kind of moment for someone to listen to your new album for the first time?

When they are feeling like they are bursting at the seams in some way shape or form. When they are bored!

Can we expect the bizarre twisted aesthetic of the album to be replicated in your live shows?

Absolutely!!! The live shows are going to be certifiably insane and I can’t wait for people to see them. I hope the energy I’ll be giving will be returned, cus it’ll be a boatload!!!!

What upcoming artists are you really digging right now?

I love underscores, Fraxiom, Alice Longyu Gao, and quinn a lot!! They are cool, fun, and inspirational. Not really “upcoming” but newer artists I’ve found!!


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