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Electro-Rock newcomer Humane The Moon releases debut singles 'A Track In Orbit' & 'I Saw A Dog'!

London newcomer Humane The Moon has arrived this year with his debut singles ‘A Track In Orbit’ and 'I Saw A Dog' and they've already made a huge impact! There’s no case of cautiously testing the waters or slowly building up songwriting confidence here, these tracks are bold, brash and introspectively nuanced.

‘A Track In Orbit’ is built upon a thick Electro Punk beat that provides an instantly dance-inducing energy while his slack-jawed vocal delivery is filled with a cocky swagger reminiscent of Slow Thai. There are dreamy guitar textures in the backdrop that facilitate moments of brief tranquility before launching pack into the high-octane rhythm.

Later in the track he utilises the Joy Division lyrics of “Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio” as he puts a fantastically modern and high intensity twist on the gloomy musings of Ian Curtis and audibly does well to capture Curtis’ frantic, jittery style. Direct vocal delivery and a swirling, angsty sonic texture makes for a wonderfully high intensity track that you can easily get lost in. A belter of a debut that promises big things to come.

His second single 'I Saw A Dog' leans deeper into the dreamscape textures that he likes to play with. The verses still combine this Post-Punk, Joy Division esc tone and his angsty, slack-jawed vocal delivery however the verse then plunges into a pool of hypnotic rhythms and smooth vocal melody. It is deep and lo-fi yet super catchy thanks to the layered vocal lines that deliver the chorus lines with a slick Surf style that will stick in your head long after the track is finished.

These two tracks perfectly balance each other, setting a firm tonal style for this new project while showcasing both the melancholic melodies and angsty power that he has to offer. Humane The Moon is one of our favourite discoveries of the year!

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