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  • Ben Taylor

Home Counties surprise fans with shapeshifting, Indie electro single 'Wild Guess'!

When bands change their style drastically, fans naturally take time to adapt. Or at least they are shocked initially by what they are hearing. This is what many may have experienced listening to 'Wild Guess', the second single to come from Home Counties this year.

After a bit of silence post their 2022 EP 'In a Middle English Town', the band are back with a new style and a new member and we're hooked. 

From the heavy guitar riffs and screeching synths on the early stuff, the new single 'Wild Guess' is the final piece in the jigsaw to lay out this new era for the band.

The lyrics, the melodies and the lounge style guitar parts are wonderful. The track may have shocked us but that’s exactly what we look for in music, it’s something many fans of the band may never have been into before, but this sonic transition will act as a gateway for those fans to enjoy a whole new kind of music in their life.

Strap yourselves in as their debut album is going to be one full of twists and turns and we're well and truly here for it! The album ‘Exactly as it Seems’ comes out 3rd May 2024.


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