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Home Counties begin new Alt-Pop era with latest single 'Bethnal Green'!

We've loved the slightly weird, abstract sounds of Home Counties for a good few years now. Their music is constantly fizzing with energy and never takes a moment to rest. Their last EP 'In A Middle English Town' saw them nail a synth-driven Art-Punk style that utilised the eclectic percussive elements of cowbells and woodblocks as well as the oftentimes strange and distorted keyboard sounds to build a dense, busy atmosphere filled with a quirky angst. However, their latest single 'Bethnal Green' takes things a little more refined and sees them enter a slick new Alt-Pop era.

The off-kilter electro sounds that open the track instantly indicate that they have not lost their abrasive artistic flair. However, the vocal lines are way more crisp and tight on this single. They have clean pop sensibilities and a delivery that is intentionally direct and piercing, cutting through the track's thick dancey instrumentation with great effect.

As the song progresses, multiple vocal lines layer on top of each other wonderfully, creating a typically busy soundscape where you don't know quite where to place your attention. The upbeat, disco energy is infectious while the electronics are strange and confusing. A brilliant blend of weirdness and technicality that will hook you in from start to finish and a return that leaves us excited for what is to come!


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