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GRIMMER - Happy Ending

Filled with dark, industrial undertones and layered electro textures, GRIMMER’s sound feels like smooth bedroom pop that has been locked in isolation for years and emerged unhinged on the other side. The Australian songwriter emerged in Melbourne’s vibrant creative queer scene DJing for numerous events. Yet, his passion has always laid in creating his own music. Since his debut EP in 2016 GRIMMER fell quiet until last year, releasing 3 new singles, the latest of which being the gloomy crowd jumper ‘Happy Ending’.

With the combined ‘friendly’ appeal of the single’s artwork and the artist name GRIMMER you might be led to think that his music is harsh, aggressive and hard to take in for your average Indie rock fan. Yet the new single is extremely palatable with a surprisingly catchy, sing-a-long chorus. Although the song name is sarcastic, the sound is abrasive rather than aggressive, with an upbeat feel throughout a lot of the track. The growling industrial underbelly is ever present with swirling bassey electronics and rolling metallic drums, yet the vocals are filled with a swagger that turns the track into crowd hyping banger perfect for an underground mosh pit.

Listen to 'Happy Ending' alongside our favourite new tunes on our playlist.

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