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Get lost in Simon Alexander’s new single ‘Along Came June’, the perfect Summer soundtrack

Since his emergence onto the modern Folk scene in 2017, Simon Alexander has provided a catalogue of refreshing songs. This singer-songwriter has experienced a rise in popularity on the west coast of his home nation, Sweden, and it isn’t difficult to see why. His combination of resonant lyrics and heartfelt melodies blend together perfectly to enrapture his listeners, capturing a tender sense of nostalgia. In ‘Along Came June’ he veers away from modern Folk (like that which he favoured in his previous two albums ‘Riverine’ and ‘A Place to Call Home’) towards a more Alternative, Indie Rock sound; this is a move which adds a gritty depth to his sound.

He said of his own single, "It's a song about watching your own back as summer also draws out the more animalistic side of man". This ‘animalistic side’ is a tangible presence in the music due to the electric guitar and drums beneath the melody which add a musical bite to the lyrics;

‘Getting lost in each other

Feeling freed by the weather

They didn't know any better

Cause all they want

Is to feed off their hunger.’

Despite this, Simon Alexander’s smooth vocals and hypnotic voice provide just enough balance to maintain the warm and relaxing tones that warrant a title like ‘Along Came June’. Look no further for a perfect mix of atavistic energy and summer ennui.


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