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German Indie songwriter Jupiter Flynn releases poignant new single 'monsters and men'!

German songwriter Jupiter Flynn is known for her hypnotic, dreamy melodies, casting a warmth and sense of mystery over everything that she writes. Her new single ‘monsters and men’ follows the same theme, presenting some beautifully gentle piano lines and tangled guitar lines that, at first, give off a tranquil vibe but as soon as the track begins to progress there is a darker air.

A deep rolling bassline and poignant, contemplative lyricism that makes you think about the fear of women walking alone at night, a fear which is pretty music just accepted societally.There is an understated yet punchy energy to the track that builds the aforementioned hypnotic quality that means you could happily listen to this track again and again!

The contrast in the chorus of soaring, cinematic instrumental arrangements and the melancholic sentiments of Jupiter’s vocals creates a wonderfully conflicted sound that lures you in with its catchy sounds but leaves you with deep thoughts lingering in your head. This is largely thanks to the lyrics that are beautifully vulnerable, singing that she wants her mum to sleep over as the “monsters and men won’t attack with you by my side”.

This track will get stuck in your head for more reasons than one! A very impressive return from one of Germany’s brightest songwriting talents.


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