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Gen-Z Indie songstress SOMOH returns with new single 'Problem Child'!

Bedroom Pop songwriter SOMOH has been releasing hit after hit in the past 12 months with a slew of singles that have never failed to land!

Her music blends introspective vocal contemplations, thoughtful lyrical sentiments & fuzzy Indie melodies. The latest single ‘Problem Child’ has a moody groove to it that lures your attention in, casting a melancholic glow over the track as she reflects on her self critique’s and “staying silent”

The vocal flow is a smooth one, working in tandem with the drums to create a slick rhythm that has a more inventive twist than your average Indie single.

The highlight of the song really comes in the chorus though as the vocals become layered, really emphasising the power and emotion of her vocals. Meanwhile, a grittier guitar tone floods the soundscape, filling it with angst and energy. Her vocal style remains gentle yet the production and instrumentals elevate it to become much punchier while remaining supremely melodic.

Another winner from one of the most exciting new songwriting talents.


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