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Folk songwriter Phillip LaRue releases poignant new album 'Colors'!

Acclaimed Folk songwriter Phillip LaRue has returned with his most powerful work to date, his new album 'Colors'. It is a tremendously emotive collection of songs that are led by his audibly heartfelt vocal tones and bolstered by a wondrous collection of dramatic soundscapes.

The title track opens the album in perfect style, setting the tone for what's to come. It begins with a gorgeous set of gliding strings that build a cinematic atmosphere fitting for the big finale in your next favourite love story. It then becomes more intimate, as Phillip sings on top of a heartwarming piano line. His passion gradually builds, reaching a bigger, powerful delivery towards the later stages of the track showcasing both ends of his vocal palette and the differing sides that the album has to offer.

Tracks like 'Desert Rose' and 'Take a Fall' are more expressive and upbeat thanks to their funky percussive rhythms. The latter is perhaps the most modern and edgy track on the record with a slick Hip-Hop inspired groove and vocals that have a jaunty melody to them. Dreamy guitar textures still provide that cinematic background texture that runs throughout the album, however the beat really leads this track and makes for the most catchy track of all.

Songs like 'Indigo' see him explore his pure Folk roots with warm, organic acoustic sounds leading the line. Deep piano notes provide a lovely tonal balance and create a cosy atmosphere for his vocals to land oh so smoothly!

However, he saves his most poignant and most powerful moment for the closing track 'Amen'. Reminiscent of tracks from Sam Fender and Hozier, it is a tremndous vocal display that will stir emotions in even the codest of hearts. As the name suggests it has a heavenly grace to it and closes the album with


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