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Folk songwriter Chance Peña releases deeply emotive new single 'i am not who i was'!

The latest single from Folk songwriter Chance Peña instantly struck a chord with us. It is a rich, fulfilling performance that stirs up an array of deep emotions and would be fitting to soundtrack a montage of your life’s most important moments.

For those unfamiliar, Chance Peña is a 23 year old Texan songwriter who is forming the new wave of leading Folk stars, following in the footsteps of the likes of Ben Howard, Nick Mulvey and José González. Yet, for all these comparisons, Chance has shaped an identity all of his own thanks to the distinctive warmth of his vocals and the meaningful depth of his lyricism.

This new track, 'i am not who i was', is up their with his best, delicately balancing his trademark earthy acoustic tones with a wonderfully gentle piano line that is brimming with romance. His layered vocal melodies demonstrate the impressive range of his vocals, dipping between deep, humming verses and a high pitched, soaring chorus.

The lyrics really stand out as he sings about changing yourself for the ones you love. One of our favourite moments is the beginning of the final chorus that sees the vocals really take flight, matching the lyrics “If I fly too far…”. The resonant, organic, drum rhythm adds a powerful heartbeat to the track and elevated its effect on even more resulting in a hugely impactful, emotional finale that will completely absorb you!

Another winner from one of the best new Folk talents.


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