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Folk duo Virens release beautifully romantic EP 'Couples Therapy'!

A Covid-19 love story explored through romantic sonic expression, Virens is a collaboration born out of lockdown dating. Their new EP 'Couples Therapy' does as the name suggests and covers the intricacies of relationships, both good and bad. Combining their musical and vocal talents to create a truly unified, heartwarming sound, the EP is sentimental yet anything but stripped-back and intimate.

The opening track 'salut!' is perhaps our favourite of the five as it shows both ends of their sonic palettes. Opening with a cosy acoustic ramble and romantic vocal lines that caress your ears with smooth, swooping melodies, understated elements of textural instrumentation and swelling production, the track then dives into a huge, cinematic swirl of strings, flutes, percussion and passionate vocals. These bigger moments are filled with passion and romance. These big, dense sound also elevates the impact of the final line that is delivered by the duo once all the instrumentation has fallen away and the words "What else is there to do than to drink to me and you, salut!" are a beautiful sentiment that i'm sure a lot of lockdown lovers can relate to.

The rest of the EP is filled with equally beautiful lyrical sentiments and constant switches between laid-back acoustic musings and big, whirlwind's of sound infused with the couples audible love for each other. This EP will either make you cry over your dating failures or indulge in the romantic world of Virens for a short duration. Either way, it is a must listen.


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