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EX EN PROVENCE - Counting Down The Suns

Born out of a collaboration between Samuel Deschamps and Jan Blumentrath who met whilst sharing stages with their former bands, EX EN PROVENCE finally sees the long time co-songwriters join forces for their own project. With only one single to their name they have already carved out a distinct style using their combined musical styles.

'Counting Down The Suns', although using a pretty stripped back beat as its base, manages to keep you hooked from start to finish, mainly due to the bouncing vocal delivery. The lyrics tangle around one another playing loose and fast with the repetitive synth sounds and drawing you inside to recognize the intelligently, tightly formed lyrics. However, it is not just the clever vocals that make this track a hit, it is the slow development. Always building, the song culminates in an expansive, feel-good chorus using electrifying synths and an almost painfully delivered echo of "counting down the suns" to say goodbye to their first single with warm and joyful afterglow.

Check out the track alongside our favourite new tunes on our spotify playlist

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