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EUT - Party Time

Right from the first few notes of EUT's new record 'Party Time' the album title makes complete sense. The thick drum beat and euphoric guitar riff of the first track 'What Gives You the Kicks' instantly drags you out of lock down boredom and into a sonic dance party.

Dutch Indie-pop five-piece EUT have gained momentum over the 4 years, impressing with their unfaltering consistency. Since 2018 they have been releasing electrifying singles pretty constantly and delivered a moreish debut album 'Fool for the Vibes' packed with some of the best singles that year. It included the first track that grabbed my attention 'Bad Sweet Pony' which resonates just as much today as it did the first time I heard it! Now, they are back for more fun and will send their brand new second record into the world on February 19th. (pre-order here)

On first listening you can tell that this album is more punchier, more confident and more unpredictable than its predecessor. As I already mentioned, the 'Party Time' mantra is apparent from the opening minutes and continues throughout. There is an ever-present desire within the music to get up and move, yet there is still diversity within the tracks as the album proceeds to map out your party night. The soaring guitar sounds on the title track and the Indie-rock stomper 'Had Too Much' give the start of the album an uplifting feel, mirroring the high spirited early shenanigans.

Yet as you delve deeper into the night things become more peculiar as the band employ their trademark musical eccentricities. The mid-record interlude blends dark piano notes, whirring synths and abstract vocals in the distance that send you into a spiraling turn of events, followed by the regretful realisation of 'The Buggs pt II'. This unpredictability keeps you hooked on every track as they constantly dart in a different direction. The party atmosphere enters a second wind with 'Killer Bee' and the more angsty 'Dive' descending into the more emotive hours of their DIY get get together.

Unfortunately all parties must come to an end, yet this party doesn't die out with the parents coming home and everyone being forced back to their homes. It ends with a cosmic last dance 'Bubble Baby', an atmospheric finale that drags any weary drinkers to their feet for one big finale, bringing the party to a lively end and calling "same again tomorrow?".

Listen to EUT's newest singles on our Spotify playlist!


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