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Euro Sounds Volume 3 - The Honeyclub, Wails, Farewell Dear Ghost

After the disappointment of last weeks Euros defeat against Italy we thought we would bring you something a bit more positive from the continent. So here's three more European artists you need to check out!


The Honeyclub

Inspired by the Rock & Roll classics such as The Rolling Stones, The Ramones and The Who, German trio The Honeyclub are determined to bring these iconic retro sounds back into the mainstream. This manifesto is at its most audible in their recent single 'Get Your Kicks' which gives a nod to one of the cited inspirations, The Undertones' hit 'Teenage Kicks'. The song takes you straight back to Berlin era Bowie with its steady Rock beat and deep dulcet tones similar to Bowie's iconic vocals on the "Heroes" album.

Their latest release, 'Jesus, John, Waiting On' takes on a more vibrant vibe, injecting a grander Glam feel into the mix of their retro rock appreciation. The instrumentation is colourful and bold, with powerful chords and an extravagant, jazzy song structure, comparable to that of The Fratellis, never laying still. With 12 tracks released in less than a year The Honeyclub are establishing themselves rapidly as the go to band to reignite the 70s Rock flame.



Largely due to their success at Eurovision, Scandinavian bands often get a reputation of being loud, heavy, aggressive and in your face. Although we are sure that this stereotype is not true ALL the time, in this case it is. Stockholm's Garage-rockers Wails come bursting our of the traps on every track they release.

Pummeling drums combine with a cacophony off gritty guitar atmospherics on their new EP 'Killer Wails' for a 10 minute barrage of Punk infused energy. The vocals are persistently fierce and always aimed in one direction...straight at you! However, it isn't just fast, non-stop nonsense with the only aim to deliver as much musical aggression as possible. Some really well written and intricate tracks lie at the heart of their music, reminiscent of fellow Scandis The Hives. So, if you need a richly textured sonic slap in the face then take out ten minutes for their new EP.


Farewell Dear Ghost

However, if this angsty intensity is a bit much for your audible pallet then we have something a bit more uplifting for you. Austrian trio Farewell Dear Ghost have finally returned after a four-year hiatus with their brand new single 'Nobody'. The band stated that this track "is what it sounds like when you're full of energy after you took a break" and it really is! The rolling riff that opens the song instantly builds the tension whilst the verse vocals are reserved, just waiting to burst into a huge, uplifting chorus.

From then on the track doesn't look back. Passionate vocals and the big, fast-paced drums create a really dense sound, full of lively Indie-Rock energy that is rounded off by the massive sing-a-long chorus. This is exactly the kind of thing we want to be hearing when we finally have the magic return to festival life. Yet there is also something more sinister hiding underneath the catchy chorus chants, with a gravelly, early Kings Of Leon esc riff providing the foundations to the track and adding an extra layer of grit to the otherwise upbeat atmosphere and making for a wholly mosh-worthy banger. After such a long wait for new music, this first step back into the wild is a hugely enticing one and gives us tasty morsel of what is to come.


Listen to all our top Euro Sounds on our playlist below.


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