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Euro Sounds: 4 fantastic emerging European artists ft. D3lta, Pure Chlorine & more!


Greek solo artist D3lta arrived last year with his dramatic debut 'Hypocrites' that contrasted winding, introspective guitar lines with a heavy alt rock finale. After his subsequent single 'Hey You' saw him turn to a more cinematic piano led track he established himself as an eclectic songwriter and began gaining national attention. However, his latest release 'Stranger' has taken things to a whole new level.

This new single leads with a very natural yet rich acoustic riff that, backed by the video, sets a warm and uplifting roadtrip atmosphere. As it develops it almost blends all the best elements of his past work into one uplifting anthem. The strong blues piano style we heard on 'Hey You' brings in a great depth to the tone and the electric guitar that swoops in to lend a hand later on adds in the slightly heavier flavour of 'Hypocrites'. However, what really shines here is his vocals. Each chorus builds on the last, adding more emphasis and more uplifting passion time by time so by the final moments it is bursting with a feel-good energy perfect for sound tracking summer adventures.


Meskerem Mees

Belgian songstress Meskerem Mees has a distinctive honesty to her music and shot into the European spotlight last year with her incredibly characterful acoustic debut album 'Julius'. The record's fan favourites like 'Joe' captured an intimate bedroom atmosphere comparable to the more stripped back Beabadoobee tracks while songs like 'Man of Manners' showcased her really impressive folk like storytelling that rang of the greats, Bob Dylan esc, not in style so much but in song writing maturity.

She has now returned with her most vibrant release to date, 'Where I'm From'. It still centres around her raw acoustic sound yet the vocals are infused with a much more direct and expressive tone. The vibe is a bit of a throwback to the 00s as it offers the slick, slight angsty urban vocal flows of Lily Allen as well as the eclectic instrumentation and busy acoustic entanglements of Dizraeli. Yet, this comparison to these retro stars is by no means calling this outdated. In fact, 'Where I'm From' is about as fresh as it gets. The shuffling rhythm that lies underneath allows the energy to build up and become more and more in-your-face as it progresses. The track is oozing with personality and is a fantatsic next move for one of Europe's best new songwriters.


Pure Chlorine

Following on from her stomping rock anthem ‘Crown’ back in 2020. Things had been a little quiet for Austrian solo artist Pure Chlorine. Her succession of confident angsty singles that channeled the emotions and frustrations of Gen Z were both relatable and empowering and quickly gathered attention across the continent. Fans have had to wait a while over lockdown for any news music, but she has finally returned with the new single ‘Hijacked’.

The opening lines “hey sorry you won’t be able to reach me for a while, I’m going through something” may be an explanation for her recent absence yet the subsequent electrifying riff sure does announce her return! The Rock/Dance rhythm powers a persistent bouncy energy whilst the vocals slip in laced with a cool swagger and a hint of mysterious darkness. The vocals and guitar riff play off each other, matching up their melodies to emphatic effect and produce a really captivating chorus. In other moments the vocals take on a quicker and more aggressive flow comparable to the bold Punky newcomers like Sprints or The Mysterines and showcase the confidence of her performance. Hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer for new music his time round.


Mama Roux

Dutch trio Mama Roux’s debut single is frantic, satisfyingly scrappy and oozing with retro Garage Rock energy. They state that their music is designed to “make you move, groove and let loose” and judging by their first release they don’t disappoint!

The vocals are raw, packed with passion and soul while the instrumentals have that irresistible high tempo fuzzy rock groove that is reminiscent of The Gories. The drums stand out as they have such a natural and punchy tone that you feel like you’re in the room with them. The actual playing is fantastic too as the hectic drum fills and high octane delivery provide an infectious flavour comparable to The Hives. Overall it’s pretty hard not to like. It’s got all the components that reignite the no-nonsense spirit of Punk and the thick driving grooves of Blues, all delivered with a refreshing authenticity.




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