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Estrada releases hypnotic new EP 'Public Secret'!

If you are looking for music to transport you into an immersive dreamscape filled with Shoegaze nostalgia then look no further than the new EP from Estrada. The This six track EP is a mix of new sounds and some of his previously released viral classics. He's gained a following on TikTok and Instagram by posting his guitar riffs that give his followers a glimpse into the songwriting process and a sneak peak into what eventually becomes a new song. He has built an online community that provides traditionally under-represented fans of Indie and Shoegaze a space to celebrate their love of the genre while showcasing these genres to a whole new wave of Gen-Zers.

Tangled webs of dreamy guitars build the atmosphere of tracks like 'iwantuall4me' and 'finallyfoundyou'. It is hypnotic and enthralling, the perfect sounds to let your mind drift way to. Songs such as 'Floating' and the title track 'Public Secret' take a more spaced out, electronic approach with swirling synths and pulsating bass drums creating a drifting sound while the vocals echo melodically in the backdrop. 'Esta Noche Que Salí' is our personal favourite thanks to the higher energy that is injected into the track, giving it a more frantic Post-Punk / Surf vibe as the punchy drums drive a great rhythm while the nostalgic guitar lines dip and weave around it. 'Distance' then closes the EP with a swooping, cinematic finale. This closes a beautiful 6-track selection that is filled with lucid, entrancing instrumentals and catchy vocal lines drenched in dreamy reverb.


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