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EP REVIEW: Tim Atlas - Matinee

Globally acclaimed Brooklyn-based songwriter Tim Atlas is best known for his smooth vocal talents and immersive tracks which blend a dreamy version of Neo-soul with velvety R&B hints. His brand new EP 'Matinee', which features collaborations with songwriters / producers Rich and Raphael Futura, showcases these talents wonderfully.

The ethereal layers of vocal textures that open the EP on the title track instantly highlight is abilities. These layers are beautifully soft and clean, creating an entrancing soundscape filled with emotion. This really shows what you can do when you know how to use your voice as a tool. The song is largely atmospheric yet the dreamy Indie guitar line and swooping string section make it a romantic opening.

The subsequent tracks 'Lighthouse' and 'The Deceiving' kick things into a more punchy gear and offer the slick grooves that fans have come to know and love. Thick basslines and catchy synth tones are in abundance while the drums drive an infectious rhythm filled with soul and swagger. The chorus of 'Lighthouse' has an uplifting, poolside party vibe while 'The Deceiving' carries a more late night Soul sound. The piano textures and rolling beat are super slick and have hints of Silk Sonic. This track is our favourite vocal performance on the EP too, a definite standout!

'Lifeboat' dives into a more lucid and spaced out soundscape once again, allowing you to become fully lost in the music and let the breezy melodies drift over you. Finally, the keys-led finale 'Out Cold' displays a whole other side of Tim's arsenal. It has a more intimate Bedroom Pop feel and a deeper poignancy that rings of Rex Orange County.

Together, these songs encapsulate the wide range of Tim Atlas' appeal and the EP is the perfect entry point for any who are yet to discover his music.


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